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Deep Tech

Deep tech is our passion. At deveritec, we support our customers in realising scientific ideas, complex formulas and physical operating principles in electronic products. In doing so, we reduce technical risks by solving problems and realising them in the product. Our strength lies in our multi-layered technological expertise and in-depth understanding of physics. In addition, we can effectively implement physical principles in electronics and, thanks to the rapid development of functional samples, quickly deliver initial successes to our customers even in the early stages of co-operation.

We offer in-house production of components and support our customers right through to market launch. If you are looking for a partner to realise your visions, you have come to the right place. Together we are shaping the future and developing ground-breaking technologies. Our customised technology solutions include individual devices, functional test measuring equipment and accompanying series production. Thanks to our expertise, we develop customised products at the highest technological level together with our customers and partners. Experience how we turn your ideas into reality.

ASIC development

Highest quality for individual customer requirements

As a design house for ASIC development, we offer our customers a comprehensive range of services, from the conception to the realisation of complex ASICs. We emphasise seamless integration of all processes, including packaging and approvals. Our team of experts uses innovative technologies such as TSMC and Global Foundries 22nm FDSOI for mixed-signal chips to develop high-quality, high-performance ASICs. By utilising these advanced technologies, we can ensure optimal performance, power efficiency and scalability in a wide range of applications. We work closely with renowned companies to ensure smooth integration from design to production. This enables us to provide our customers with customised ASIC solutions that offer the highest quality and reliability.

Our range of ASIC development services

  • Feasibility analysis, design, simulation, layout, prototyping and series production of ASICs
  • Development of customised ASICs in the desired target technology
  • Software development of ASICs
  • Support with packaging and testing
  • Development of demo boards
  • ASIC approvals for the global market


Customised solutions for optical applications

As a multidisciplinary branch of physics, photonics deals with the generation, manipulation and application of light and its interactions. Our team of experts specialises in the processing of light signals. We generate, recognise and manipulate light in order to enable the desired signal processing procedures. We switch, amplify and modulate light signals for the precise transmission and processing of information. We also offer hardware and high-frequency design for research projects in the fields of quantum optics and sensing. Our customised electronics for optical applications meet the specific requirements and objectives of our customers. Our goal is to provide innovative solutions that fulfil your requirements.

Individual customer requirements

  • As a university, I need hardware to prove measurement principles, among other things.
  • As a manufacturer, I need a partner who will take the risk of electronic circuits off my hands and accompany my product to series production.
  • As a manufacturer, I need a partner who already provides technology modules for cost reduction and who has the expertise to realise my ideas.


Intelligent patient positioning in precision radiotherapy

As part of the project, a head model is to be developed that is based both on CT data (3D volume data) from radiotherapy planning and on 2D optical images. The detection of the model parameters of the underlying head model is AI-based. Extracted keypoints (facial landmarks) of the head are used to generate a trackable pose. With the help of photogrammetric methods, a redundant algorithm can be developed that makes the AI methods used verifiable. Additionally, conclusions can be drawn regarding the geometric registration between external and internally localized tumor positions. The aim is to generate reproducible patient positioning without additional stress in order to increase the precision of the therapy. This approach is intended to ensure the anatomical correctness and individual description of the patient so that treatment can be carried out in a (semi-)upright position with less strain on the patient and with fewer aids.

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