The deveritec employee is sitting at the computer where he/she is developing hardware.

Engineering Services

Our specialised expertise in hardware and embedded software development is our tool of the trade, based on years of experience. It forms the basis for working on new projects and for our areas of expertise in IoT, Industry 4.0 and deep tech. Our range of services covers all areas of hardware and embedded software development for electronic assemblies, including layout customisation, redesign of existing products and the creation of test concepts and test specifications.


Since the beginning of 2023, we have been expanding our engineering portfolio by introducing our own SMT production line. This allows us to be flexible and plan assembly production in terms of time – a clear advantage for our customers. All our business areas – hardware, software and production – are united under one roof in our company and perfectly harmonised. Our interdisciplinary teams of experts work together to transform your ideas into electronic products of the highest quality.

Hardware Development

The foundation for your product

Our experienced hardware team at deveritec has specialised knowledge and skills in analogue and digital circuit technology and mechanics. We work closely with our product designers to turn products into reality. We create PCB layouts and electromechanical components in precise 3D models. Our main focus is on efficient manufacturing to make your product development cost-effective. Our expertise includes electromechanical conception and design as well as the development of both analogue and digital components.

Services within Hardware Development

  • Chip design: Development of field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), which offer a high degree of flexibility and programmability.
  • HDL programming, VHDL and Verilog: These programming languages enable the modelling and simulation of circuits before they are implemented in the hardware. They are used for circuit optimisation, for example.
  • Customised circuit development for specific applications, including data acquisition, signal processing and motor control.
  • Digital design: Design of digital circuits and systems that are integrated into electronic devices.
  • Test and industrialisation: Quality assurance plays a crucial role in product development. At deveritec, we place particular emphasis on comprehensive testing of individual components and their functionalities. Our aim is to ensure that your products function reliably and faultlessly.

Embedded Software Development

The heart of your product

Embedded software development is an important part of product development. At deveritec, we believe that reliable, scalable and low-maintenance firmware is at the heart of every product. That is why we rely on Real Time Operating Systems such as Mbed OS or FreeRTOS as operating systems under Linux in all our products to ensure high performance and reliability.

Services within Embedded Software Development

  • Software concepts: Conception, architecture and implementation of firmware for embedded systems, interface definition
  • Development and implementation: Integration of software components for microcontroller platforms, sensors, BUS systems and applications. We use the programming languages C/C++, Python and Java, among others.
  • Radio protocols: Selection and use of the most suitable technologies for the product, e.g. BLE, WiFi, NB-IoT, Thread, UWB. This enables application-orientated X-to-Y networking of the individual objects.

Prototypes and series

All from a single source

The production of prototypes (sample assemblies) represents a decisive milestone on the way to series production of electronic devices. With us, you can count on the expertise of our experienced specialists. They transform your designs quickly and precisely into functional prototypes in order to validate and certify your products in good time. To ensure the high quality and reliability of our manufactured assemblies, we rely on state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies. We also use components and raw materials that have been tested for availability and cost. This enables us to guarantee the longevity and performance of your products.

Your advantages at a glance

We not only offer you independent in-house production, but also support you with specification-compliant functional testers manufactured in-house and end-of-line (EoL) test concepts for your production line. This enables us to optimise your production process and ensure maximum efficiency.

  • Independent in-house production for maximum control and flexibility
  • Rapid prototyping to meet schedules and get to market faster
  • Direct creation of samples and prototypes for seamless validation and optimisation

Your contact person

Robert Stolz

Chief Sales Officer

Felix Bellmann

Sales Manager

Your Product Journey

We turn your idea into product

Technical Workshop Meeting

Clarifying technical questions, project scope and working mode

PoC Prototyping

Development & Design: first functional sample as proof of concept, requirements analysis & documentation

Adjustments and fine tuning

Solving technical risks, Quotation development, Project Plans

Product development

New development or product adaptation, product testing


Advice on the certification process in compliance with current EU legal standards (e.g. CE, UL, RED, Matter)


Test & integration, rollout serial production