a deveritec employee is sitting at a computer testing the functionality for an industry 4.0 product.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 has revolutionised manufacturing processes and enabled smart factories. deveritec develops innovative and individual products and technology solutions to support you in the digitalisation, networking and automation of your production processes. Together with our customers, we develop technologies and products for seamless communication between people, machines and devices to enable modern manufacturing processes. We attach great importance to data communication as well as cyber and fail-safe networks. Our team specialises in hardware design, miniaturisation, complex measurement systems and machine control systems.

We also develop devices such as end-of-line testers for various areas of the production chain. Our goal is to optimize production processes, workflows and workflows as well as to enable greater safety, efficient energy consumption and predictive maintenance. Our applications are used in a wide range of industries, e.g. healthcare, automotive, aerospace and semiconductor production. We always pay attention to the latest approval requirements and ensure that our technologies and solutions are future-proof.

Measurement technology and sensors

For maximum data precision

Data depicts our environment and thus creates the basis for well-founded decisions. At deveritec, we support our customers with customised technology solutions in the development of products and devices for data acquisition and analysis at the highest level of precision. Our expertise lies in the development, implementation and selection of suitable measurement technologies, methods and sensors to ensure maximum data security. Our highly qualified team will be happy to assist you to fulfil your individual requirements throughout the entire development process.

Our technology portfolio

  • Multi-sensor systems and complex quantum sensor technology
  • Many years of experience in measurement electronics and customisation of measuring devices
  • Connection of cloud systems and mobile communications
  • Specialised in complex sensor technology in distributed systems and seamless integration of actuators and sensors in bus systems
  • Implementation of industry standards, support for predictive maintenance and realisation of robust wireless networks
  • Miniaturisation of electronics and modern components

Solutions for efficient energy management

Meeting the technological challenges of renewable energies

The storage and distribution of renewable energy is a challenge that is increasingly being met with large energy storage systems and mesh networks for energy distribution. Precise forecasting, planning and monitoring of energy production are crucial to ensure stability and continuity of energy supply. With our expertise in the implementation of products for iMSyS (integrated energy management and energy storage systems), in particular the connection to the SMGW (Smart Meter Gateway) and our expertise in the field of energy efficiency and grid load determination, we at deveritec can provide our customers with technological support for the challenges of energy management of renewable energy.

Our energy management solutions

  • Development of energy devices such as energy storage systems for decentralised grids for the efficient storage and distribution of energy
  • Seamless integration of existing products via HAN interface at the DSO (Distribution System Operator) to ensure smooth communication
  • Realisation of interfaces such as SunSpec and EEBus to improve energy management
  • Enabling smart metering and increasing energy efficiency
  • Implementation of energy algorithms, e.g. peak shaving, to optimise the use of available energy sources
  • Connection of energy devices using the secure and reliable Matter protocol

Customer requirements

  • As a manufacturer, I want to ensure connectivity between devices for users.
  • As a manufacturer, I want to enable and ensure connectivity to network operators and existing infrastructure.
  • As a manufacturer, I want to offer my customers solutions that have low communication costs.
  • As a manufacturer, I want to be interoperable with many devices.
  • As a manufacturer, I want to sell worldwide.

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