A deveritec employee tests a smart locking system. Locking systems are part of the Internet of Things and make everyday life easier.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionised our world. It connects the physical and digital worlds to improve both our private and professional lives. In private households, IoT enables household appliances, lighting and security systems to be networked with each other, making everyday life more convenient and safer. In turn, companies have the opportunity to organise work processes more efficiently, reduce costs and increase safety by networking machines and devices.

The Internet of Things is used at various levels, such as in smart homes in the consumer sector, smart properties at company level and smart cities at global level. This increases efficiency and convenience. Overall, the IoT offers a wide range of applications and benefits for private and business use by creating an intelligent infrastructure that enables an efficient and convenient future.

Smart Home Technology

For a safe and comfortable home

Our focus at deveritec is on implementing the Matter protocol, which enables cross-manufacturer networking of all devices via native smart home apps. We offer technology solutions for the B2C sector, including the integration of household appliances, smart locking systems, lighting and sensor technology. For more efficient energy use in the home, we develop technological solutions that enable the integration of photovoltaic systems, heat pumps, heating systems and stationary battery storage. In the future, Matter will also enable B2B2C use cases, such as the control of energy flows in apartment blocks, the connection of complex locking systems or the interface to the meter. Among other things, we are developing gateways to network existing systems and integrate them into the Matter world.

Individual customer requirements for your IoT devices 

  • Optimum integration into smart home systems: As a manufacturer, you want your devices to be easily integrated into existing smart home systems. Your focus is on improving usability and thus making the purchase of your products more attractive.
  • Optimum compatibility with other devices: Compatibility with other devices is a priority for you. You endeavour to ensure that your end devices are compatible with a wide range of other devices. You don’t want to create restrictions through proprietary connections, but rather enable seamless integration.
  • Easy expandability of smart home systems: It is important to you that your customers can easily expand and upgrade their smart home system. You want to offer them a comprehensive and future-proof smart home experience that they can customise to their individual needs.

Connectivity solutions for critical infrastructures

Data security and compliance

Critical infrastructures, which include communication networks, are of great importance to the community of a state. They must therefore be secured in order to avoid disruptions to public safety or other dramatic consequences. According to the EU Directive 2022/2557 on the resilience of critical facilities, operators must implement an attack detection system that informs them automatically and in real time about security breaches. We develop technological solutions to monitor and secure your systems via mesh protocols, mobile applications and 5G NR+ technology.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Automated monitoring and access control: Prevention of unauthorised access and rapid detection of suspicious activity
  • Real-time monitoring of devices and infrastructure: early detection and defence against attacks or disruptions


Discover your possibilities

Our expertise lies in the integration of mechanical products into mechatronic systems. We provide you with comprehensive support and guidance during this process by jointly analysing use cases and requirements in order to enable efficient processes. Our experienced product managers ensure that the product design process runs smoothly by focussing on the specific requirements of your application. Our aim is to optimise your time-to-market and give you a competitive advantage by using the latest standards to ensure future-proof products. Our motivation lies in creating savings, comfort and safety for the end user, and we offer innovative technological solutions that reduce costs and increase comfort and safety.

Individual customer requirements

  • As a manufacturer, I am striving to digitalise my products in order to remain competitive.
  • As a manufacturer, I would like to convert my mechanical product series into a mechatronic one without having to build up the expertise myself.
  • As a company, I need a proof of concept for a new product idea.


Your contact person

Robert Stolz

Chief Sales Officer

Felix Bellmann

Sales Manager

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